Sunday, April 18, 2010

At Long Last... For Real This Time

The garden is planted! We had big plans to plant yesterday but were waylaid by good ol' PacNW rain. But today, today was a glorious day. It was a preview of summer here - blue skies, bright sun, perfect temperature, light wind ... glorious.

It turned out that all of our beautiful sprouts, save for three, died before we had a chance to put them in the ground. Oh well. They never quite recovered from the cat attack. So today we planted seeds again, but this time in the garden beds. Hooray!

We're sitting here feeling, yes, very tired and sunburned, but also quite pleased and satisfied.

I give you: Our Garden.

And, a bonus shot of the biggest most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen in my life, as it appeared over beautiful Tacoma last night.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

At Long Last ... Almost

I know that all four of you who read this blog have been holding your breath, waiting, wondering - will they ever post again? Well, you're in luck. For we are indeed posting again. After a brief break for marriage and honeymoon, we're back on track with the garden.

We bought our soil, compost, and peat moss this week, the wood for the raised garden beds, and a few other garden items, all of which will be assembled this weekend. It even seems the weather is going to cooperate. So, next time we post, we should have pics of our beautiful square foot garden to share.

The sprouts have lost some of their original robust luster, but the lemon tree and the herbs are out of control. I think all will be well once we get these babies in the ground. We're also expecting delivery on a 7 ft Eucalyptus tree today. The three we bought last summer did not make it through the unusually cold winter so they've been replaced by a Eucalyptus Neglecta which is guaranteed to survive. Very exciting. (And fragrant!)

So, hold your breath just a few days longer ... the garden is coming. In the meantime I'll distract you with this picture of our dog on Easter morning.